Delbag Dust Collectors and Deichmann Dust-extraction

First choice for air purification, dust extraction, and materials recovery

Many production processes produce dust that must be separated reliably and efficiently. As a result of the many and various requirements encountered here, numerous models are available with a great variety of filters for installation. Engineering of Deichmann Dust Collectors assures choice of optimal components and systems for all requirements.

Dust Collection Filters


Fine-particulate dust and ultrafine particles represent substances that especially endanger human health. All efforts must be taken to protect men and women from these hazards. But, important as they are, health and environmental aspects are not the only issues involved in dust extraction. Whereas for many companies, dust is simply an undesirable waste product, other operators have discovered dust as an important recycling product. As a result, our portfolio includes not only products for efficient air treatment and dust extraction, but also systems for efficient materials recovery.

The function of a plant system is influenced by many product and operation parameters. In advance, all parameters should be evaluated that will have an effect on the filter system. In all cases, our engineering specialists will contribute the required expertise in order to optimally implement your future system from both technical and cost-efficiency standpoints. For this purpose, our experts employ an extensive complex of technical facilities. These include analysis systems for gas and dust, as well as measurement-technology testing facilities and equipment for investigation of existing filter systems.

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