Customized Systems

Air Treatment customized systems are technically and economically matched to each particular application. Besides local conditions customer specifications and requirements are observed. Our scope of activities includes air heating and cooling, sound protection, steel structures and retrofit applications.


    Static filter systems

    Static filter system with anti-icing
    In regions with relatively low dust concentration, a static filter system is the most practicable solution. Most frequently, a two-stage configuration with prefilter and fine filter is selected, in order to achieve the required filter class and service life. Normally, bag filters are employed in the first stage, and compact filter elements in the fine-filter stage. A droplet separator is additionally integrated for climates with long periods of high humidity and / or fog. In zones with extremely high degrees of outdoor wetness (e. g., in coastal areas), an additional upstream coalescer filter is recommended.

    Anti-icing systems are used wherever low temperatures can occur in combination with high humidity. During such weather periods, these systems prevent the formation of ice, which could lead to rapid increase in pressure drop or even to blockage of air filters. The bandwidth of Air Treatment anti-icing systems includes heat exchangers, warm- and hot-air distributors, infrared systems, and electric heaters

    Pulse filter systems

    Pulse filter system, cross flow
    Self-cleaning pulse filter systems are effectively used where high dust concentrations prevail, such as in desert areas and especially in polluted industrial regions. The dust particles are captured on the surface of the filter medium. The dust cake that results is effectively removed on-line by a counter-flow pulse-jet cleaning process with compressed air. According to the local conditions, the pulse filter cartridges are configured horizontally (cross-flow systems) or vertically (table filter systems). Pulse filter systems are operated without additional anti-icing systems.

    Inertial separators

    Inertial separator with second filter stage
    In regions in which great dust concentrations can occur with a large share of coarse particles, and in combination with high humidity, intake air can be effectively cleaned by inertial separators type TFA. The TFA inertial separators work using the principle of deflection, inertia and reflection. The inflowing air is fed through the laminar sections, arranged in form of a V and multiple times deflected. The heavy sand particles cannot, as a result of their inertia, follow this extreme deflection and are removed to the outside by a secondary air fan. Inertial separators type TFA are characterized by high reliability, economic efficiency and low maintenance need also for large air volumes.

    Depth filter cartridge systems

    Depth filter cartridge system (table filter)
    Depth filter cartridge systems are effective in covering a broad field of application. The pre-filter – in the form of an economical filter sock that can be easily exchanged – is pulled directly over the depth filter cartridge. The compact design combines maximal filter performance with long service life. Experience has shown that anti-icing systems (as required for static filter systems) are not necessary here. Depth filters can also be used as retrofits for existing pulse filter systems, if the filter performance and the service live of pulse filter cartridges are not sufficient because of insufficient dust concentrations or high moisture.
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