Delbag Air Intake Systems

Gas turbines, compressors, and engines require clean air in order to provide maximum performance: which is guaranteed by air in-take systems from Air Treatment. We assure top process efficiency with a minimum of energy consumption.

Customized Systems

Standard Systems

Air Intake Filters

Turbomachines and engines are operated throughout the world, of­ten under the most difficult of conditions. In order that these ma­chines reach peak performance on a sustainable basis, the intake air must be optimally cleaned. Our air intake systems perform this func­tion. They prevent, for example, the efficiency of gas turbines from being reduced by impaired aerodynamic features of the turbine blade system (e. g. fouling). In addition, good air intake filtration prevents cost­intensive maintenance (e. g. on­line washing) as well as dam­ages by abrasive particles (e. g. erosion) or deposited corrosive mat­ter. Complementary air conditioning measures, furthermore, mini­mise operating costs over the entire equipment service life.

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