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Air quality in food production and life science industry

6. december 2016

The DELBAG® Air Filtration - Product Line vital: Filter units for high hygienic requirements

In industrial sectors that lay extremely high relevance on clean conditions, certain special requirements for air treatment systems apply - for good reasons. These call for a highly efficient filter technology to fulfill all legislative and production technological demands. This applies, for instance, to food production, pharmaceuticals and the entire life science industry as well as as for laboratories, hospitals or sensitive research centers

Just as fine dust, microbes and germs must not contaminate the indoor air, filters may not be made of components which diffuse into the atmosphere and trigger harmful chemical-biological reactions. The filtration specialists of DELBAG® Air Filtration in Herne have developed a special filter line called vital that fulfills all the requirements of sensitive areas production making a most stringent control of air possible.

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Toughest Checks for Highest Air Quality

Not unlike other filter media made at DencoHappel the vital-series is launched and marketed under the well renowned DELBAG® Air Filtration brand. Throughout the world, DELBAG® is among the most prominent brands in air filtration. Its outstanding expertise is based on knowledge gained from its own research and development over the years.

The filter efficiency and the air quality to be achieved is guaranteed by number of certifications. Among the most prominent are the food regulative act EG 1935:2004, the microbiological guideline DIN EN ISO 846 and the recommendation by the German VDI 6022, concerning hygiene in air treatment systems In the sector of medicine and pharmaceuticals making sure that the ISO 14644 on clean room classifications is enforced.

For operators of air treatment systems the Eurovent logo is an additional warrant that the published technical data has been checked and confirmed by independent labs according to ISO 17025. DencoHappel is one of the very few suppliers who voluntarily satisfy the strict regulation frame work of the Eurovent certification program and meet the highest quality demands.

Intensive individual tests of hepa filters for filter classes  H13 - U16, for example, are fully integrated in the production process of hepa filters. They ensure that each individual filter element is firstly checked for leakage. The state-of-the-art DencoHappel scanner makes it possible for every individual fold of the filter to be examined and a local degree of separation to be determined for every point of the filter.

Durable under extreme conditions

Configuration and design of vital filter systems compel very special know-how in terms of air treatment and competence in their technical implementation. At the same time customers set high as much as specific requirements for spot-on adaptation of filter solutions, essential to specific applications, Therefore all vital filter elements can be customized for selection of material, depths and design to meet your specific requirements High dust loading capacities are as much possible as the use of filters in turbulent air streams or high temperatures - at optimum use of energy.

All the vital - filter media are very reliable and are an important contribution to operational safety in life science. Even while being operated for a long time vital filters still have a minimal increase in pressure loss and meet the expectations during the production of food and pharmaceutical products. 

Detailed information on the vital filter series can be collected for product management of DencoHappel

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