Other types of filters


DencoHappel covers almost the entire spectrum of air-filter applications. In addition to the types already described – electrostatic filters, mechanical filters, dust collectors, and intake-air systems – DencoHappel also includes in its portfolio wet scrubber systems and activated-carbon filters.

DencoHappel wet scrubbers:

Wet scrubber systems are effective in the separation of sticky (adhesive) dusts. Dust collectors are not effective in removing sticky particles, since it is not possible to satisfactorily clean filter media that has been clogged with sticky particles. Wet-operation filters are ideal when applied in areas involving the separation of coarse particles of dust, with simultaneous cooling of high process-air temperatures. One such example is in the collection of moulding sand in foundry plants.

Wet scrubbers are very extensively used as pre-filters, and for air treatment in front of electrostatic filters, in areas in which solvent mist occurs.

Products: AquaClean Type NMD medium-pressure scrubbers

Activated-carbon filters:

Activated-carbon filters are used for the adsorption of gaseous substances. The following are extensive applications of activated-carbon filters:

  • Airport HVAC systems (for separation of kerosene fumes)
  • Air-exhaust filtration of air in waste processing plants (odour removal)
  • Nuclear power stations (filtration of radioactive substances)
  • Chemical industry (separation of solvent mist).

Products: CHL activated-carbon filtration systems; DHG round air filters

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