Meat and sausage products

Slice for slice, hygienically packed

When we can combine good taste and durability, then you and DencoHappel have done good work. You: because you have designed your production to assure fast and high-quality processing of easily perishable products. We: because our airtreatment ensures the best processing temperatures and thereby even prevents microbe problems as a result. When sausage and ham come onto the table, or when steaks and roasts sizzle away, the last thing consumers want is to worry about their health. And there is no need, since you and we have already done the worrying. Effective air treatment and cooling of the air prevent microbes from propagating, and fresh meat stays fresh.

Solutions based on DencoHappel Air handling units have already proven effective in numerous meat-processing applications, including at Artland Convenience in Badbergen, Germany. During processing, HVAC systems from DencoHappel ensure that the sensitive products are dressed under well-cooled conditions. The design and configuration of equipment according to Hygiene Directive VDI 6022 additionally ensure that structural-design measures effectively prevent the collection of debris and formation of microbe pockets. Optimized equipment design furthermore simplifies regular cleaning and disinfection.

The fact that hygiene not only enhances the durability of meat products, but also improves the efficiency of their processing, is confirmed by an example from cold-cut packing at German sausage specialists Hans Kupfer & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG Wurstspezialitäten. The ham that is packed here in thin slices has a large surface area and is therefore especially susceptible to microbes. As a result, our solution uses ionization to kill microbes before they can enter the processing plant. And one positive side effect: since there are fewer microbes throughout the entire packing line, expensive wet cleaning is not required so often. This saves several hours of work per week and adds up to around 20 % more machine operation time. DencoHappel air is good for your sales.

HVAC technology for rigorous hygienic:
  • Optimized equipment design and effective filter technology prevent accumulation of debris and microbes, thereby enhancing hygiene
  • Development of condensate is constructively retarded, and collected condensate is safely removed
  • Smooth surfaces, model characteristics in conformity with the relevant standards, and well-designed inspection openings and doors simplify routine cleaning
  • Optional microbe disinfection prevents the entry of pathogens
  • Quiet operation of the units enables roof installation in areas where commercial and residential use are mixed

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