Effective behind all entrances

The Viento is an air barrier that effectively employs optimal flow rates to prevent energy loss by the uncontrolled exchange of air despite the differences of pressure and temperature that may prevail.


    The Viento air curtain, with its five-stage radial fan and high pressure stability, effectively prevents massive amounts of cold or hot air from entering building entrances.

The Viento, installed above an entrance, creates an invisible air curtain that separates the outside from the inside. This means separation of the outside air from the air conditioned indoor air, and protection at the same time from unpleasant draughts.

Quiet and flexible
Thanks to its effective sound insulation, Viento does its job quietly. With its attractive enclosure made of zincplated and coated steel sheet, its modest design, and its wide range of accessories, Viento is effectively suited for any installation situation. It guarantees a pleasantly tempered ambience, for example, behind the entrances of shops, of department stores, as well as of office buildings and hotels that welcome great numbers of visitors and guests.

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