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Zone Unit: Cool, heat, humidify, dehumidify and filter

The Zone Unit delivers the conditioned air into the floor void and "feed" the LECUs. It is designed to fit into your office space. Alternatively the Zone Unit can be installed into an enclosure.



The Zone Unit provides the primary air conditioning to its zone, with each zone measuring up to 300 m². Zone Units are draw-through vertical type units, supplying conditioned air into a raised floor void. Zone Units have all necessary components such as filter, cooling coils, control valves, microprocessor controller, and inverter driven fan motors to achieve the required underfloor condition with the maximum efficiency. Options include heating (electrical, low-pressure hot water or heat pumps) and humidification using water vapour. Zone Unit configuration can be either top return and bottom discharge (Downflow) or bottom return and bottom discharge (Upflow), and are available in four standard sizes (from 5 kW – 30 kW) with the option of chilled water or split DX heat pump form. Other sizes are available on request.

Each is available with:

  • Chilled Water, Direct Expansion cooling (split or water cooled)
  • LPHW, Direct Expansion Heat pump or electric heating
  • EC fans
  • G4 filtration (optional F7)
  • Humidification control (optional)
  • Adjustable base stand
  • Various optional extras, for instance, top return sections, special controls


The embedded controller features a state-of-the-art touch screen display with a sleek user interface. The user-friendly menu guides one through various settings of the entire zone - the Zone Unit and its connected LECUs. Directly at the top level of the menu the temperature settings for each LECU can be adjusted. One of many other possibilities is a set-up of automatically switching day and night modes.
A RS485 slot enables an integration into a building management system via Modbus. On request a Trend BMS interface can be implemented.

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  • Complete air handling in the Zone Unit
  • Full control and monitoring
  • EC fans
  • Four sizes

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