Denco® OfficeCool

Underfloor Air Conditioning - UFAC

The OfficeCool underfloor air conditioning system is designed to meet your personal comfort in a large open-space or in cellular offices. Application is likewise highly effective wherever the use of floor space is possible. You are in control with your Local Environmental Control Unit (LECU) and you can adjust the temperature as you require. When the office layout changes move the LECU with ease and stay satisfied. This system offers major benefits to architects, developers, building operators and end users.


    OfficeCool – Zone Unit

The OfficeCool Concept
Using the floor void as a plenum to distribute the conditioned air, local Zone Units, within the space condition zones, condition areas ranging from 50 to 300 sq. m. Local Environmental Control Units (LECU) remove the conditioned air from the access floor void to provide a high quality environment for each work station. Users can be given access, through their computers, to their LECU to set the conditions they desire.

A dedicated system of power and data tracks run in a raised modular floor void makes it easy to relocate electrical systems. Combining uplighters with the OfficeCool system removes the need for a suspended ceiling so that all services are conveniently accessible in the floor void for ease of maintenance and removal.

The OfficeCool underfloor air conditioning system has proved that the concept allows the design team of consultants and architects, to provide their client with many cost and energy saving advantages.

You can choose between different configurations - for every room size, every requirement and condition.



A fully linked control system provides communication between end users and individual LECUs. With integration possible between the building ́s own BMS and/or a purpose built control system just for DENCO®-OfficeCool.
DencoHappel’s own purpose written software allows for seamless communication of all DENCO®-OfficeCool components, with data logging, alarm warnings as standard. User input is possible from many locations for ease of access, quick and easily adjustable temperature settings for maximum  exibility and comfort for all.

Rule of Thumb

When designing the layout of the underfloor air conditioning system, the rule of thumb can be applied for a quick calculation of the amount of required units.


Zone Unit size

Cooling capacity
ca. kW

Area sq.m

Amount of LECUs

 10  5  50  3
 18  10  100  5
 30  20  200  10
 45  30  300  15

For a detailed calculation please contact one of our sales offices. You will be supported during the entire project.

  • For Architects
  • For Owners
  • For Users
  • Great design
  • Minimal footprint
  • No suspended ceilings required
  • Enjoy full design freedom
  • Low investment costs
  • Height savings
  • Quick installation and earlier income
  • Undisputed the easiest system to adopt the HVAC to a changed office layout
  • Highest flexibility during operation
  • Individual control
  • Low energy consumption
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Areas of Application
  • Open space offices
  • Halls
  • Offices with frequently changed layouts
  • Casinos
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Low investment costs
  • Low timescales for construction
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low footprint
  • Great design.

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