Customized and energy-efficient

If you want to not only dehumidify your swimming pool or public baths, but also desire general climate control, then you can succeed especially comfortably and energy-efficiently with the central air handling units of the CAIRfricostar range of models.


Well designed, comfortable, and flexible
With CAIRfricostar, you have the broadest and most extensive spectrum of dehumidifier units for indoor swimming pools available on the European market. Air handling units ensure very high efficiency and selective air exchange. The air on one side of the hall can be evacuated and resupplied on the opposite side. The admixing of fresh air according to VDI 2089 improves the air quality. CAIRfricostar equipment is outstanding due to its modular design, and especially flexible because also suitable for retrofitting due to small entry openings. With modular technology, an individual unit can be created for every application case. The specialists of DencoHappel will be happy to support you in the tendering, configuration, and selection of the units you need for your individual requirement.

Multiple integrated heat recovery
Integrated heat recovery of CAIRfricostar units ensures fast amortization. Heat-pump technology ensures heat recovery and extracts humidity from air. As a result of this process condensate is collected and evacuated.

When extract air is dehumidified through a recuperator and evaporator, a large amount of thermal energy is removed. The heat-pump cycle contains a condenser and recuperator which are used to feed this energy back to supply air. An optional pool-water condenser recovers excess energy  and can it fed back into the pool water or buffer tank. Sophisticated and freely programmable controller regulates to achieve the highest flexibility, energy savings while at the same time meeting requirements of set conditions.

  • - CAU
  • - CAM
  • - CMU

CAIRfricostar CAU

For private swimming pools, with requirements for 800 ... 3,600 m³/h

  • Recirculated-air dehumidifier unit with heat pump for dehumidification
  • With electronic control

CAIRfricostar CAM

For public swimming pools, with requirements for 800 ... 45,000 m³/h

  • A mixed-air unit with heat pump for dehumidification, and with heat recovery by ECOSTAT heat exchanger tube technology.
  • With DDC controller.

CAIRfricostar CMU

For public swimming pools, with requirements for 800 ... 45,000 m³/h

  • A mixed-air unit with heat pump for dehumidification
  • With DDC controller.
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  • Highly efficient heat recovery with up to 60 % energy savings and high efficiencies of up to 82 %
  • Secure, reliable dehumidification
  • Certified according to DIN ISO 9001
  • Furnished with CE and Eurovent seal
  • Top hygiene standard (also suitable for clinic and rehabilitation applications) according to VDI 6022
  • Individual, customized units for every application case through modular construction
  • Reliable function for all climatic conditions and constant performance over the entire temperature range
  • Planning support from Air Treatment

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