ISYteq Control System

Easy intelligent control

The DencoHappel control system combines innovative technology with easy operation. The comfort in not only experienced with the easy and time saving commissioning, but also with the intuitive handling.
DencoHappel air handling units with their optimized components together with the preconfigured control system are developed in that way, that every customer is able to operate this reliable and fitting equipment execution as it is delivered.

Central Systems

The energy status of a building is of paramount importance to investors, contractors, planners and architects. In this, the building technology plays a key role. The share of buildings in the world energy consumption amounts to 40%. Demand-controlled technology in buildings is an essential element for a sustainable and efficient solution.

Full graphic visualization

of the units and functions

The user can access all important functionalities through the operation level on the new attractive 7” touch display.
The operating state can be determined by the visualization of the current system information, such as, for example, sensor, signal or setpoint values. Trending graphs and displays enable a visualization of operating cycles in a linear diagram. This allows an easy system optimization at any time.

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