Air-cooled Chillers for Indoor Installation

With duct connection, or without condenser?

The site of installation can move indoors, but the characteristics remain the same: since air-cooled chillers are also highly effective for indoor operation.


    GLRC 2015 – 4160 CD2 (41 – 442 kW)

    • Indoor installation
    • Scroll compressor
    • Cooling
    • Refrigerant R-410A
    • Plate heat exchanger
    • Master/slave operation is possible
    • BMS integration is possible

Fully hermetic scroll compressors provide the key components of these models. Depending on the selected unit series, high-quality plate heat exchangers as evaporators and finned-tube heat exchangers as condensers in units with duct connection  round off the package to provide an overall cost-effective solution.

Optimal models are available regardless of requirements:  series GSDC and GLDC with duct connection and with radial fans operate in the performance range of 4.9-312 kW while split models with external condensers of series GLRC enable operation within range of 40-442 kW.
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