Dust Collection Filters

The bag cartridges are equipped with an aluminum frame to retain 68 single tubes including Venturi nozzles. The filter media area per cartridge is 13 m². Depending on the application, the following filter materials are available: Polyester needle filt, Nomex, Statex, Polypropylene, Teflon, Polyacrylonitrile and Ryton – coated or uncoated.


    Filter​ mat 1704 LoTex, 1000 series, ​Filter class G4
    Filter​ mat 1705 LoTex, 1000 series, Filter class M5
    Filter​ mat 1805 LoTex, 1000 series, Filter class M5

    Filter Elements

    Arrangement of the filter elements

    Vertical arrangement
    In most cases, filter elements will be vertically arranged. After being deflected in the preliminary extraction chamber of the filter system, the air flow impinges upon the filter elements from below and passes upward through the elements.

    Horizontal arrangement
    In special cases, the use of horizontally arranged filter elements is effective. The uniflow principle is used here: air and dust flow in the same direction, from the bottom upward. The horizontal configuration means that this system concept can highly effectively separate especially light and fine types of dust, with effective air-pulse filter cleaning. This prevents fine-dust concentration in the filter chamber. The dust is moved through the descending untreated-air flow into the dust-removal area.

    Exchange of the filter elements

    Exchange on the clean-air side
    Installation and removal of the filter hoses and supporting baskets takes place on the clean-air side. With hose jet filters, for example, element exchange is through large service hatches on the filter cover. The weight-relief feature installed here simplifies access to the clean-air space. Snap rings in the hose support secure and seal the filter hoses. The blow pipes installed above the filter hoses can be installed and removed by simple plug connections with O-ring seals.

    Exchange on the dust-laden air side
    With most of the compact filters, the elements are exchanged through the dust-laden air side. Large front hatches enable easy access to the filter elements. For exchange, the filter elements are loosened at their attaching elements and are individually (or as a unit) removed from the filter. This enables very fast filter Exchange.


    Hose cassette filters, Series SK 000 300, Filter categories L and M


    Pulse filter cartridges MultiPuls-W-FireTex – Dedusting
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