Swimming pool climate control with precise comfort technology

Ideal values with sustainable climate control

Large public swimming pools in continuous operation, wellness oases, pools in hotels and private dwellings with irregular utilization and longer rest periods – what is agreeable for bathers and epicures must be economical for investors and operators, and must be as environmentally compatible as possible to our energy resources.

The air conditioning of swimming pools and spas is one of the most discriminating tasks of air treatment systems. Such systems produce a hall air temperature appropriate to the water temperature so that enthusiastic swimmers do not freeze outside of the pool. They ensure that the air humidity is considered agreeable by visitors – and not muggy. The dehumidification also protects the building substance from mildew formation – here people and masonry profit equally from effective climate control. The characteristics of from effective swimming pool air treatment are likewise required for private pools such as in hotels and public spas. ​DencoHappel offers a suitable solution for all areas.

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