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In the oil and gas industries, challenges arise on a routine basis. Working on an extremely high engineering level, cost-effective thinking, and taking action that our customers can trust in: all these are absolutely essential and must be taken for granted. One absolute prerequisite to meet such demands is optimal HVAC systems for buildings on offshore or onshore facilities. And it is precisely when the requirements are demanding and the working conditions are difficult – which is often the case with onshore and offshore operations – that powerful and reliable technology is critical. A uniformly high level of quality among our colleagues is even more essential, though – and this is why only experts work for DencoHappel. These are people who have a sharp overview on a large scale, in addition to the details of their assigned area – and who master the language of the oil and gas industries just as well as their own. ​DencoHappel expert teams also bring along effective ability for constructive collaboration, for application of their experience and expertise. In a well-structured – yet at the same time flexible – process, they develop flawless solutions along with our customers, from the very beginning.

  • The development of engineering studies follows an intensive planning phase.
    Plans, ideas, and specifications are firmed up and coordinated in kickoff
    meetings and regular follow-up sessions.
  • Once all major problems have been dealt with, and all unexpected eventualities
    have been cleared up, production starts. Regular monitoring in the factory
    guarantees the desired progress of the project.
  • Personal presence on site and effective support in the startup phase assure a
    maximum of transparency and reliability.

All DencoHappel staff are involved in the above-sketched process. As a result, communication takes place just as smoothly as implementation of the solutions developed later: individual, customized, and coordinated exactly with the requirements on site. This comprehensive commitment, from the first contact on – and up to commissioning and start-up – is a powerful guarantee for greater efficiency. And, above all, for a high level of customer satisfaction.

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