Absolutely clean results in processes and quality

Industrial production processes and the health of employees allow no compromises in air filtration. Delbag® filter systems satisfy the specific requirements of industry in every respect. We especially safeguard thermal processes and painting work with high-grade filter solutions.

In industry and commerce, ​DencoHappel creates healthy working conditions. That these conditions save energy and costs as well is part of our essential obligation in a value-added partnership. But the tough part in industrial air purification is the modular design of high performance filter systems. At DencoHappel, pre-filters, electrostatic filters, universal filters, and fans are harmonized with each other so that they cover the specific production processes spot-on. For example, high efficiency in the separation of coolant lubricant mists or others aerosols is achieved in the metal processing industry.

Well-conceived filter concepts are of especially prominent significance in thermal metal processing. With temperatures up to 2,000 °C, metal alloys necessarily melt and release zinc, nickel, and chrome oxides – metallic vapours which are exceptionally dangerous to health. High-quality Delbag® filter systems prevent fumes, dusts, or vapours with carcinogenic content from reaching the respiratory air.

In the automotive industry, DencoHappel is also well represented with complex air filtering solutions, providing systems for European manufacturing leaders in equipment of assembly lines for all car brands. Especially in surface treatment technology, our filter systems guarantee brilliant results together with extremely high air purity in painting booths and drying areas. ​DencoHappel offers individual solutions for all industrial applications. We have the necessary experience and the specialized knowledge to ensure optimal air conditions for people, machines, and materials.

Comprehensive solutions for all industrial sectors:
  • Health protection for employees and customers
  • Complete equipment for production lines and other industrial application areas
  • Modular high-efficiency filters for individual solutions
  • Special filters for aerosols, toxic dusts, and vapours
  • Filters resistant to high temperatures for thermal processes
  • Multi-stage filter systems for fine dust and paint-mist separation
  • High operational safety and long service life

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