Commercial kitchens

Aromas from the finest delicacies should be enjoyed only from the dining-table plate

Pleasant aroma stimulates appetite: but nobody enjoys a wild mishmash of kitchen odours. During preparation of fish, meat, cabbage, coriander, or the like, effective DencoHappel air-extraction units keep undesirable odours away from restaurant and hotel guests. When things are really hot in the kitchen (in the literal sense of the word), very special functions are required from air-supply and extraction units.  

These systems systematically capture and powerfully exhaust air from the kitchen that is laden with grease and odours. Precipitators initially remove grease droplets from the air and prevent them from building dirty films on air ducting. And activated carbon filters take care of odours. These solutions prevent odours from food from offending passers-by in zones near the kitchen and on public thoroughfares outside the hotel. Hotel guests can rest assured: where DencoHappel is at work, aroma from food becomes noticeable only when it arrives on the dining table. 

In addition, hygienic conditions are assured by DencoHappel central units that are easy to clean, and that effectively remove particles of dust and debris from the air. Cooks can take a breath of fresh air and guests feel pampered. DencoHappel is well equipped to defeat kitchen odours and vapours with central air treatment systems from a range of models, and with especially designed, heat-resistant DencoHappel air-extraction fans. These systems offer highly effective solutions for snack-preparation in the bar, and for the kitchen of a hotel restaurant. Thanks to sophisticated closed-loop ​DencoHappel control systems, air-extraction functions run only when they are needed: which saves power and benefits the environment.

Solutions for kitchens large and small:
  • CAIR® and ATpicco air-supply and extraction units, with a range of capacities
  • Special hygiene models to prevent formation of dirt and debris nests
  • Advanced Delbag® filter technology for capture of dust and removal of odours from exhaust air
  • RoofJETT roof extract fans for exhaust of hot vapours
  • ​DencoHappel Control of output that is oriented to operational times and air demand
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