Hotel rooms and suites

Quiet climate for relaxing and feeling good

No one in the hotel management knows the exact wishes of the next guest in a room. Will he or she like it nice and warm, or wish to sleep with a cool head? To satisfy everyone, ​DencoHappel technology quickly and quietly climate-controls hotel rooms. And at night no one wants to have dreams disturbed by whirring sounds from HVAC equipment. Proven a thousand times, but still highly advanced: room climate control with fan-coil units. These systems, often concealed in suspended ceilings or at the entrance area of the hotel room, admit treated fresh air from the central HVAC system and from other sources. In the room, supply air and room air are mixed and passed through the fan-coil unit, which heats or cools as desired. The hotel guest decides at the turn of a hand.

Simple control units with automatic functions need no explanation. It’s quick and easy to set the desired feel-good temperature, and the automatic system takes care of all the rest. The automatic controls ensure fast fan speed when it’s necessary to quickly heat up or cool down the room. Once the desired temperature is reached, the system reduces the fans to energy-saving low speeds. While the system maintains a constant room temperature, its operation is virtually silent, since ​DencoHappel fan-coil systems are very good at pampering room guests with their quiet operation. The high-quality enclosures of these ​DencoHappel systems allow no vibration or rattle. No wonder that many of the leading hotels of the world depend on ​DencoHappel fan-coil units. In order to prevent senseless settings, the closed-loop control systems can prevent extreme temperature fluctuations – and can switch off the room climate-control system if windows or doors are left open. As a result, ​DencoHappel fan-coil systems protect the climate and the environment, despite fully assuring room comfort.

Whisper-quiet DencoHappel fan-coil units:
  • Proven technology adapted to modern-day requirements
  • Superior-quality components for long service life and quiet operation
  • A choice of various models, features, and sizes
  • Models available without enclosure, for ceiling installation
  • Extensive spectrum of accessories for wall and ceiling installation
  • Closed-loop ​DencoHappel control system that is simple to operate
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