Event rooms

Just as flexible as your room-use concept 

Our systems work just as effectively for small numbers of participants as for large-scale events. Where the number of guests fluctuates, flexible systems are called for: a case for ​DencoHappel central air-handling units and ​DencoHappel chillers.

Congress facilities, ballrooms, presentation areas, and multifunctional forums are required to handle large numbers of participants. All of this demands extremely dynamic characteristics from ventilation systems. Before an event begins, the HVAC system must bring empty rooms to a pleasant temperature level, so that the first guests will feel comfortable. The more guests in a large event room, the more important the supply of sufficient fresh air. With large numbers of participants, it is often necessary even in winter to cool such rooms to avoid excessive warmth. The spontaneous fluctuations in room conditions that occur under such circumstances can be effectively handled by large-capacity ventilation equipment, linked to effective heating systems and chillers. Such a combination of systems is controlled by technology that sensitively analyses the input from many sensors and flawlessly keeps room climate under control. Despite all this capacity, operators of course expect HVAC systems to produce as little noise as possible: after all, ventilation systems must not disturb lectures, performances, concerts, and other events. ​DencoHappel technology is equally well suited for large event rooms and for flexible room-use concepts. Air-flow controllers from ​DencoHappel provide sophisticated direction of air flow to those rooms where it is most needed. Controlled-speed drive systems supply exactly the volume of air that is required, and assure efficient operation.

CAIRplus® – “Customized Air”:
  • High-efficiency ​DencoHappel central air-handling units
  • Great diversity of sizes for perfect-fit dimensioning
  • Energy-saving and demand-controlled operation, with direct-drive and frequency-converter options
  • Optional integration of heating, cooling, humidification, and dehumidification
  • CAIRplus SX_EN

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