Sterile indoor air by seamless filtration of all hospital areas

Solutions from ​DencoHappel satisfy not only the stringent standards for room ventilation filters in hospitals, but also extend far beyond the required characteristics. Because Delbag® filter systems are designed in such a way that germ pockets cannot develop inside.

The convalescence of the patient, as well as health protection for visitors and staff, have uppermost priority in hospitals. Indeed, disinfection procedures and cleaning jobs in hospitals were already defined in standard guidelines 100 years ago. However, compared to former eras the ambient air today is far more contaminated: for example, by more road traffic or building activity.

DencoHappel systematically counters these developments with specific high-efficiency filters for the separation of flue gas, toxic particles, viruses and other dangerous substances carried in ambient air. As a result, pollutants cannot even reach the ventilation plants of hospitals.

Highly effective filter systems are likewise required for air flow within hospitals. Critical areas such as surgery and instrument tables, intensive-care units, and infant-care stations must be especially protected. Anaesthetic gases and infectious microbes must be reliably filtered out. Also administration areas and common rooms, apart from the general air conditioning, demand a highly effective air filtration.

​DencoHappel solutions guarantee 100 % success for all requirements. First, because our extensive filter program allows for seamless air filtration – exactly harmonized to any individual area, and additionally with minimal, energy-saving pressure drops. Second, Delbag® Filter systems are constructed in such a way that dirt and germ pockets cannot develop inside the system.

Healthy climate for patient and personnel:
  • Sterile indoor air by seamless filtration of all hospital areas
  • Highly effective, multi-stage filter systems
  • Specific filter media for intensive care
  • Surgery areas, sterilization, and clean rooms as well as special and quarantine stations
  • Differentiated configuration of the air-supply and exhaust flows
  • Energy savings by minimal pressure drops
  • Cleaning of flue gas, soot particulates, bacteria, viruses, fungus spores, etc. from ambient air

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