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For small to medium HVAC requirements – for example, ventilation requirements in school rooms, libraries, single building storeys, and small wings of buildings – DencoHappel has recently begun to offer the DencoHappel COM4mini. The various models provide supply-air capacities ranging from 750 to 1,500 m³/h, as well as high-quality Class M5 and F7 air filters, energy-efficient and electronically controlled direct drives, and many additional technical highlights.  A highly convincing characteristic for installation in new and existing school buildings is the quiet operation of the DencoHappel COM4mini range, enabled by an acoustic-insulation layer 50 mm thick. The DencoHappel COM4mini energy recovery feature, with efficiency up to 90 %, is also attractive in such applications. In addition, Campos units are extremely compact: the larger model is 910 x 1,850 x 740 mm in size, and the smaller, only 510 mm deep. Both DencoHappel Campos units are therefore highly effective for a great range of configurations: e.g. vertical installation, horizontal under a ceiling, or wall installation. The unit is likewise rounded off by functions such as an optional pollen filter, an easily programmed control system (as standard feature), as well as structural design that is oriented to easy cleaning and hygienic aspects (in accordance with VDI 6022).

Thanks to its small dimensions, the DencoHappel COM4mini range is also ideally suited for the individual supply and exhaust of air in classrooms – which allows schools to install and implement a decentral climate-control solutions, but with all the advantages of a central air treatment system. These decentral solutions are also possible as retrofitting options, which reduce planning and installation expense and enable the advantage of short air ducts.

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