Buildings for business, education, and transportation

Ideal business environment for employees and customers

It’s not only the regulation of fresh air in public buildings frequented to various degrees, such as universities or airports, that is a challenge for climate control. The creation of an invigorating work and comfort climate in commercial business and trade centres also currently requires mature solutions.

As unique as each building is in its proportions and architecture, the room ventilation system plant must be custom-designed accordingly. Shopping malls illustrate this in exemplary manner: there, diverse influences and requirements meet together under one roof. Customers should feel at ease, possibly linger for a while, and shop in a relaxed atmosphere. Goods must not get dusty. Gases from the express dry cleaning must be adsorbed, as well as odours of roasted meat and tobacco smoke from the restaurant.

DencoHappel develops not only customized ventilation concepts with high-efficiency filter technologies and integrated energy- saving automation. For many decades we have been a competent partner for equipment and service industries, specialized in the maintenance of buildings and building installation facilities. Even numerous service providers who optimize operations in public administration and in large building complexes have confidence in our technical competence and the proven quality of Delbag® air filters. We create more than clean, dust-free air. Our high-quality filter technology ensures the long-term value and functional preservation of the real estate and technical building facilities.

DencoHappel creates comfortable climate everywhere:
  • Hotels, wellness centres, fitness studios
  • Shopping centres and department stores
  • Trade fairs and commercial parks
  • Office and administration buildings
  • Schools, universities, libraries
  • Railway stations and airports

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