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  • Energy Efficiency Inspection
  • Repairs and Reactive
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  • Commissioning

    Energy Efficiency Inspection

    What is energy efficiency inspection?
    Our specialists and experts – not only from the areas of refrigeration technology and refrigeration, but also from the field of building equipment – perform energy audits at individual facilities, and inspections within the context of the German Ordinance for Energy Saving (EnEV) and of DIN V 18599.These inspections include measures for testing of components that influence the efficiency of equipment facilities – and for checking the dimensioning of these facilities with reference to the cooling demand of the building. The inspections especially entail the checking and evaluation of influences that are relevant for design of the equipment, especially changes in space utilization and occupation, times of use, internal heat sources, the relevant physical properties of the building, as well as the desired values requested by the user with respect to air volumes, temperature, relative humidity, operational periods, as well as tolerances – including determination of the efficiency of essential components.

    For which products is this available?

    Available on the below listed DencoHappel products:

    • Adia-DENCO
    • Multi-DENCO
    • CAIRplus

    What is excluded?

    Any necessary repairs
    • Filter changes
    • Parameter adjustments

    What are the term & conditions?

    • Customer will give access to its facilities in order to have DencoHappel engineer perform the complete inspection
    • Customer will allow DencoHappel engineers to measure all relevant parameters such as air flow, energy consumption, etc.


    Repairs and Reactive

    What is repair and reactive services?
    General repairs, unexpected and unwanted breakdown of your equipment is something you would wish to have fixed quickly and against competitive price levels.
    DencoHappel Service provides 24 hour / 365 day cover for all contracted customers with guaranteed response times. Non-contract customers can rely on a 72 hours response time. Our comprehensive geographical coverage and emergency escalation infrastructure ensures that in the event of critical breakdown all eventualities can be accommodated.
    Our Engineers carry a range of frontline spares, with round the clock access to our central stores facility for additional support.
    We take pride on being able to offer all our customers a level of support that ensures fast and efficient turnaround of all emergency breakdown situations.

    For which products is this available?

    Available on all DencoHappel products

    What is excluded?

    Depending on your contract level, labor and parts may be excluded.

    What are the term & conditions?
    • Customer will run units at set in design specifications
    • Customer will not adjust any of the controls settings
    • Customer will not perform any maintenance, repairs, exchange of parts or consumables at own initiative and/or without notifying DencoHappel

    Special Services

    Assembly on site

    What is assembly on site?
    Larger DencoHappel units are delivered on site in separate pieces that need to be assembled on site to form the complete unit. Our service engineers are able to support you in transporting and assembling our products and installations on site. Due to our many years of experience we can perfectly judge the risks involved.
    The actual assembly of the units can either be done by our qualified engineers our by your own assembly team under DencoHappel supervision. As you may expect from us, we continuously update ourselves with the latest technologies ensuring that the assembly on site is performed with the utmost efficiency.
    By outsourcing your assembly on site to DencoHappel engineers you will ensure yourself of having qualified engineers on site who know the product well and who are experienced and specialized in ensuring that our units are assembled using the proper tools and sealing materials. This will result in air tight units with lower risks of performance issues once commissioned.

    For which products is this available?

    • CAIRplus
    • Multi-DENCO
    • Adia-DENCO

    What is included?

    • Labor, tools and materials to assemble the unit
    • In case of supervision during assembly: only labor time for supervision

    What is excluded?

    • Unloading equipment such as, forklift, crane, etc.
    • In case of supervision during assembly: tools and assembly materials are excluded

    What are the term & conditions?

    • Assembly location is free from any obstacles
    • Unloading and hoisting equipment and staff is arranged



    What is full system commissioning?
    Time pressures during construction often mean that building services systems are not properly commissioned and so never give optimum performance.
    The best option is to engage DencoHappel Service to commission your system at the outset. Alternatively, we can carry out retrospective commissioning.
    The result will be a plant that operates to design specification and is fully able to meet the demands of the end user.

    For which products is this available?
    • Available on all DencoHappel products

    What is included?
    • Commissioning is executed by DencoHappel engineers or DencoHappel officially certified engineers

    What is excluded?

    • Labor and parts necessary to resolve any installation issues (air side connections, electrical or controls wiring, interface cables)
    • Initial set of spare parts like spare filters
    • Refrigerant if required

    What are the term & conditions?
    • Customer will ensure that all electrical, air side, water side and refrigerant connections have been completed and checked
    • Customer will ensure that all required material such as filters, oil and refrigerant is available on site
    • Customer will ensure that all other parties on site are informed about the planned commissioning and that they will do anything necessary prevent this from being disturbed
    • Required performance loads are available during commissioning
    • DencoHappel will not perform any installation of parts or consumables
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Benefits of Energy Efficiency Inspection
  • Detailed insight in your energy consumption
  • Opportunity to identify energy saving solutions

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Benefits of Repairs and Reactive
  • Reduced liability of emergency breakdowns
  • Extended lifecycle
  • Optimum performance
  • Lower energy consumption
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Benefits of having your unit properly commissioned
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Design Specification
  • Correct Set-up
  • LifeCycle Optimisation
  • Correct Spare Parts
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