Full system coverage and care

What is a care package?

The DencoHappel care package offers you an extended warranty and maintenance for a fixed period against fixed, pre-calculated costs. DencoHappel offer the Care Package for a period of 2, 5 or 10 years. By signing up for the DencoHappel Care Package you ensure yourselves of extended warranty and the best possible care of your units during the agreed time. Our highly skilled service engineers will keep your units in top shape to guarantee optimal performance during the first years of their
lifetime. You will benefit from pre-planned maintenance visits to reduce downtime to an absolute minimum of even none.
We will take care of your units and let you focus on your core business.

For which products is this available?

  • Multi-DENCO
  • Adia-DENCO
  • CAIRplus

What is included?

  • Warranty on: compressors, pumps, fans, controls and inverters
  • Quarterly maintenance visits
  • Consumable items (Filters, humidifying bottles)
  • Guaranteed response time (depending on contract level)

What is excluded?
  • Labor and parts necessary to resolve operator caused alarms/failure
  • Re-fill of refrigerant

What are the terms & conditions?
  • Assembly and commissioning is executed by DencoHappel engineers or DencoHappel officially certified engineers
  • Customer will run units at set in design specifications
  • Customer will not adjust any of the controls settings
  • Customer will not perform any maintenance, repairs, exchange of parts or consumables at own initiative and/or without notifying DencoHappel


Retrofit and Renovation

What is retrofit and renovation?
Retrofitting and renovating an existing unit offers the customer an opportunity to save on operational costs as well as postponing major capital expenditure.
encoHappel Service can offer complete retrofit including renewal of all door-, side- and roof-panels, coils, electric motors, fans as well as the controls. When including retrofitting of the electric motor and fan assembly, you will also benefit from an increased energy efficiency. Our experts can calculate the ROI of such a retrofit. Our experiences over the past years indicate a ROI of 2½ years or even lower.

For which products is this available?
  • Available on all DencoHappel Air Handling Units

Example of a retrofit calculation


What is included and excluded?
This highly depends on the customers’ demand. Our qualified service sales engineers will always first visit the customers’ location to determine the actual state of the unit. Together with the customer all options for renovation and retrofit will be looked at.

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We can analyse and repair your equipment!
Benefits of Retrofit and Renovation
  • Saving on capex while benefitting from new technologies
  • Optimization of existing plant components
  • Extending product lifetime
  • Guaranteed spare parts availability
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