• DencoHappel units are ready for the Ecodesign Directive EU 1253/2014

    To heat and cool a building or supply it with fresh air - the EU 1253/2014 Directive applies and enters into force on January 1st, 2016. This gives a reason to reconsider conventional concepts. Refer to the following section for the DencoHappel solutions.

  • Vital Air Filters for Food and Life Science Industry

    Looking for filters that meet the highest requirements or particularly sensitive areas of food production?

    Check our new vital-filters certification.

  • Efficient climate control and dehumidification


    Top-efficiency technology

    By using a new engineering design and new materials with e.g. a heat recovery system that exceeds the requirements of Energy Efficiency Class H1, the DencoHappel CAIR®pool series complies with all future requirements.

  • Choosing

    DencoHappel DELBAG® Air Filtration products

    will ensure minimizing your energy costs.

    We provide certified product quality according to EN779:2012 and Eurovent’s stringent energy classification scheme. Our air filters
    set new benchmarks in terms of energy savings. For example filter elements DELBAG MULTIFORM Premium.

  • Water-cooled chiller range has been extended!

    GLWC 1130 – 4840

    Outstanding energy efficiency in full-load and part-load operation using minimal refrigerant

    DencoHappel water-cooled chillers GLWC 1130 – 4960 CA2.HE use R-134a refrigerant and have a capacity range from 320 to 2294 kW. Constant water-outlet temperature is guaranteed by compact screw compressors with a continuously variable regulation.

  • HyCassette-Geko with SWIRL air outlet for a perfect air flow


    The DencoHappel HyCassette-Geko is equipped with the latest technology in order to meet the highest standards of energy, comfort and hygiene. This design has won the prize of most innovative product at the Hopitech fair in Pau, France.

  • The new ISO 16890 filter test norm

    This DIN EN779:2012 will be globally replaced by the ISO 16890 in 2017, which revolutionizes the assessment and classification of air filters. Although the ISO 16890 is widely welcomed by the scientific community , at the same time it imposes great challenges to the test labs, the filter manufacturers as well as the filter trading companies. Read more about this topic on our special article site.
  • Full-capacity air handling unit


    Compact and flat

    The DencoHappel ATpicco units satisfy the criteria of the Ecodesign Directive from 1/1/2016. Therefore this flat air handling unit is equipped with full-face heater and cooler, a counterflow heat exchanger with a heat recovery of up to more than 90% as well as variable-speed EC-fans.

Customer proximity and flexibility

​Technological standards

Over 100 years of innovations

DencoHappel is one of the leading technology innovators in the field of air treatment, air conditioning, and filter technology as well as cooling process air.

We have exploited our cutting-edge innovative concepts and have built on more than 100 years of experience to set new technological standards. Our product variety is based on our commitment to fulfil customer wishes.

The Headquarters of DencoHappel are based in Herne, Germany. Production sites in Germany, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Turkey, China and India as well as own sales organizations and distributors in more than 50 countries guarantee customer proximity, high flexibility and efficiency. 

Quality & Design

​Technical Excellence

​Air Eco2nomy

Perfect climate-control conditions that go hand in hand with economic efficiency and sustainability. These factors are expressed in Air Eco2nomy.

DencoHappel products comprise efficiency, environmental friendliness, technical excellence and at the same time fulfil all state-of-the-art standards. We ensure that optimal climate conditions are set – and this is performed during the complete product life cycle.

The combination of reduction in CO2, optimal energy efficiency and low operating costs enable planners and architects to realize trailblazing solutions in bringing together health, well-being and customized indoor design.

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